Concurrent Constraint Programming

Concurrent constraint programming arose as a synthesis of the ideas of concurrent logic programming and constraint logic programming. The basic idea is due to Maher, who suggested that the synchronization primitive in a specific concurrent logic programming language (ALPS) could be understood in terms of general semantic notions of entailment. My thesis "Concurrent Constraint Programming" developed these ideas further, isolating the notion of store-as-constraint with the primitive operations of ask and tell to build up calculii for concurrency.

Watch this space for a fuller account of the development of this topic, links to the work of other authors in this field, and a summary of current work being done in this field.

Here is a (PostScript) draft of a paper titled LFG qua Concurrent Constraint Programming I have been working on for the MIT Press book Mary Dalrymple is editing on our "glue" approach to semantic analysis of natural language. Comments are welcome!